Apr 6, 2023

Battling Brain Drain: How to preserve Cognitive Ability in the Digital Age!

The Flynn Effect: Rising IQ Scores Over Time"

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Battling Brain Drain: How to preserve Cognitive Ability in the Digital Age!

It is widely accepted that IQ scores have been steadily rising for the past century — a phenomenon known as the Flynn effect. However, there is now evidence to suggest that this trend may be reversing.

There are a number of possible explanations for this, but one theory is that it could be due to the increasing use of digital technology. With more and more children being exposed to screens from a young age, they may be less able to develop the kind of deep thinking skills that are necessary for high IQ scores.

So what can we do to prevent the Flynn effect from reversing?

One idea is to limit screen time for young children. This means ensuring that they have plenty of time to play and explore without screens. It also means making sure that they get enough sleep, as sleep deprivation has been linked to lower IQ scores.

Another way to boost IQ scores is to encourage “lateral thinking”. This involves thinking creatively in order to solve problems — something that is often discouraged. So instead of simply providing the answer to a question, try asking your child to come up with their own solution.

However, easier said than done. Isn´t there any way to actively promote this kind of behaviour?

Well, you guessed it. There are several.

Maybe the most effective and fun are riddles. Riddles stimulate the brain and help improve problem-solving skills — perfect for keeping those pesky Flynn effect reversals at bay!

Plus, they can be used to teach new information; for example, a riddle about the capital of Ecuador can help someone learn about this country. So next time you want to engage your brain in some positive ways, reach for a good ol´ fashioned riddle!

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Finally, remember that intelligence is not just about IQ scores.

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